I believe that my 20’s will be a very busy part of my life.  I will be 22 when I graduate and hope to attend medical school afterwards.  That will take another 4 years of my life and I’ll be 26 at that point in time.  After medical school is residency which takes at least another 7 years.  So I will spend all of twenties learning to pursue a career in medicine and instead working like most do after they graduate.  The hardest part of my 20’s will be during residency.  The average resident works about 80 to 100 hours and working 48 hour shifts is not uncommon.  I don’t really know what the world will be like but it will be interesting to actually vote in the next presidential elections since I’ve never voted in my life.  It will be interesting to see the long term effects of Japan’s nuclear crisis years from now such as, the state of the economy, what they will use for power, and tourism in the country.