A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the internet.  This includes websites, such as YouTube and  What causes a video to go viral is that it contains something that you wouldn’t ordinarily see everyday.  For example, in my video a reporter is caught going on a cursing tangent.  Normally reporters are expected to speak properly and act with a sense of dignity.  To act so out of character and vulgar on live TV is not embarrassing and out of the norm.  It is because of this that the video is so funny and causes millions of people to view it.  This leads to another aspect of viral videos.  People love seeing others humiliate themselves publicly.  One person’s suffering briefly becomes another’s entertainment.  As a result of the videos millions of views, the normal people in them experience a brief moment of fame that they otherwise would have never had.  The accessibility of the internet in today’s society through things such as mobile phones, libraries, free Wi-Fi, IPads, and laptops, has greatly contributed to the rapid rise of viral videos.  Also, their brevity typically allows them to be viewed quickly in almost any location with internet access.  E-mail provides another large contribution since the video can be sent to tens or even hundreds of people in someone’s contact list, who in turn forwards it to more people in their list of contacts.  This essentially leads to a never ending process of receiving and forwarding e-mails to other people.